Gained clarity – Antonetta Fernandes

“Yesterday I took the plunge, stood in my greatness and purchased Seeking Indigo. Mynoo has been such an inspiration in my life’s journey. This morning I came across her piece again and it spoke to me about what is possible when we rise up to share with the world who we are and what we are called here to do. It was a huge step for me. This work speaks to us all, to rise above any challenges that are preventing us from being the beautiful goddesses that we are! Sending love and blessings.”

It is the greatest gift I have given myself

Today we are formally completing phase one of our Emergence Journey, by meeting in Ubud in magical Bali to offer our acknowledgements to two people, the co-creators of and our extraordinary guides through the Emergence, Mynoo and Om. The Emergence Journey is about creating an extraordinary life, filled with grace, joy and ease, with all aspects of life in balance.

A standing ovation at Global Women’s Summits in LA

My dear friend Mynoo just brought tears to my eyes, & the entire room to a standing ovation at Global Women’s Summits in LA. When we speak truly from our hearts, open, transparent, truthfully and with love, as my sister has done, the world transforms before our eyes.

Deep Gratitude for our meeting and soul work

“My session today with you was timely and wonder filled. I tire of being a continual spiritual marathon runner with no respite. My work with you tipped the scale into a big Yes for continuing this amazing experiment in life in 2016.

There was a clarity congruency deep truth being able to correlate i with my outer world health and more that is wonderful in your work with me.

Deep Gratitude for our meeting and soul work I love me on ever deepening levels. My life is and has been magnificently magnificent. I am in for another round. Your session and sessions with me have tipped the scales at the perfect moment. I Love-Honor-Appreciate you. My heart is so touched, so very very touched. WOW. Thankyou thankyou thankyou”

Thank you for your beautiful Poem

“Beautiful! Thank you for your beautiful Poem. For the earth hears and speaks her wisdom from your heart. Thank you for sharing your wisdom! Our world needs more wisdom. Congratulations. When we meet again the moon and the stars and the sun and the earth and the poem of “ALL that is” will delight. Blessings blessings”

I am to be the expert that I am

“Thank you again for our time yesterday. I felt energized and inspired. The outcome of our work together makes total sense and I am settling in to the extraordinary…Not so it is ordinary… but familiar and fun and part of every interaction. This is good. Such a blessing. So here we go, no more wallowing, I am to be the expert that I am. Thank you”

This book is life changing

Mynoo Maryel is one of those special human beings in life who can not only create magic, but can teach others to do that as well. Her wisdom, insights and knowledge are captured in this very wonderful, inspiring and powerful book. This book is life changing.

Thought-provoking, inspiring and calming

Thought-provoking, inspiring and calming. I am a big fan of all the BE tools.

Engaging, enlightening, and implementable!

Engaging, enlightening, and implementable!

This book maps a path to true

This book maps a path to true, wholesome joy

Live a life full of miracles!

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