When I received Gina’s email about her workshop on women in transition I was very drawn to it. I’d been wondering about how to take my work out into the world in a much bigger way and had been feeling quite stuck so I was delighted to come on this workshop because by the end of it I feel a much clearer sense of how to take my work out into a bigger audience and how to bring greater success to my life. So I am so grateful to Gina & Mynoo and I recommend it to everybody and there’s nobody that couldn’t really be helped especially if you have a successful business and you want to make it more successful, so thank you both.

Bali appeal?   It was wonderful to come to Bali, it certainly gave … talk about a real distance and perspective and it’s such a beautiful place and i think it really gave magic to the whole week and i am really looking forward to returning back to London with my vision and settle down to start creating taking my work out into a bigger space and really helping women to find their voice in the world.  


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