I feel transformed! Mission accomplished. I had high expectations and I think they have been completely exceeded, really blown out.   I was looking for transformation, clarity I guess and knowing what’s next, where to best place my energy to move forward past everything that I have been through in the last bit of time. So I have been sitting in transition not knowing quite how to move forward and I feel clear, feel like I know what my purpose is and I feel free of the past stories. There’s been lots of shedding and letting go and observing old patterns and habits, yes, I feel clear and ready to move forward.

Highlight?  A combination of things, definitely the experiences, the more spiritual based practices of letting go and they were many and varied and I think as a group we embraced it, were really present to it, and really felt the experiences in the moments that they were occurring. So the package of the visits to the waterfall, and the healer, the cleansing water, all of those things put together I think were a really important part of the letting go. And the processes that we did as a group in terms of understanding our source intentions, how we show up in the world, what motivates and inspires us and just sitting in that, moving forward from there.


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