Feeling aligned, calm, energized, happy, joyous, peaceful and refreshed after 5 days of silence. So if I missed your birthday “Have a blissful year”, for the Likes I should have liked “you have them” and for everything else “LIVE IN THE MOMENT” Thanks to Mynoo for helping me understand “LIVE IN THE MOMENT” I totally get it.

The power of meditation WOW, today I sent a golden frisbee out to the universe with all my goals and visions -R.Y.A.M you know what I am talking about. I got an instant answer in the words of a song which played just as I finished. I am going to have a great night out. The Bali magic is so strong today hence I am appreciating a group of women who helped me on this amazing journey of re-discovery, rebirth and resolution.

Antonetta Fernandes

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