I’m taking away my freedom … I’ve been incarcerated in this tomb of not being able to listen because of my background in bad education and now I can go home liberated. I can teach ! I can teach people like me with severe dyslexia and I can go back and be the person I really am, the professional woman  and teach professionally and you’ve given me that gift both of you. It’s stunning, thank you. I wasn’t sure what I set out to get, it was really Ann’s journey and I thought I was going to sit outside and nip in and out, I had no idea it was going to have such a big impact on me, with my whole life really and to be able to be really comfortable in the group and not have to lead the group, just sit back listen and be taught, properly, all of us teaching all of us, I loved that …. that’s what you have given to me

I think questioning something, (talking to Ellen) I felt chastised so I felt I needed to go back and question that and I hadn’t been chastised, she was just telling me to remind me what I was supposed to be doing and when I listened to that, you were all telling me, you were all advising me but I couldn’t hear it, so as soon as that had happened and the penny dropped, I could then listen …. so I could go on for another week now. I could now start the workshop with you.  

Working with this circle of women;  Really powerful isn’t it, it’s wonderful. To see people opening up with their powers and knowing women are capable of changing the world, I think is incredible. And if they, if we could all use our powers wisely everybody wins. Nobody misses out. The men don’t miss out, the children don’t, everything falls in to place. That’s what I have learnt from this. And everybody has something to offer; not two people had the same thing to offer, we all had something to offer. We were all showing our weaknesses but we were also showing our strengths, the powerful side of us. And that is in every woman. I like that.

The excursions? Oh, they just blew me away, absolutely blew me away. Standing in freezing cold water in the middle of the night with the moon shining… I mean people don’t do that. And when I was watching the Balinese people looking in wonder I realised it was all of us they were looking at .. it was just so powerful, and first of all I thought it was slightly gimmicky and then all of a sudden as I put my head under the water I realised it was for real and I could feel that and THAT was changing me, because I could tap back into my own source and I understand why they do these rituals now. And the same with the Elephant cave … to sit so quietly and have the taxi driver come and do a ritual with us and yet very few words were spoken, I thought that was just so humbling, it just put it back into perspective for me. And that’s a place I need to go, keep my strengths but stay humble.


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