Your book is hypnotic

Your book is hypnotic, the language of BE woke my brain

Our Power is in Focusing on BEing Instead of Doing, as Most of Us Have Learnt Growing Up

Mynoo Maryel’s writing and the BE Book flows beautifully and perfectly. I am surprised and enthralled by Mynoo’s quality and depth of self-expression and the grace, ease, contribution that comes through clearly and is shared with her readers – via every precious word, life story, insight, suggested exercises/daily practices. Mynoo has produced a winner – a major contribution book aimed at each of us creating and living extraordinary lives daily by BEing versus putting all of our primary attention on Doing. I am totally moved, touched and inspired, each time reading the BE Book. I find myself keeping it in a convenient place, for easy access – picking it up to re-read one of Mynoo’s life stories or concept; to follow a suggested meditation; to use a BE Word definition that is there to be used or to inspire the reader to come up with his/her personalized BE word definition.

I have always “gotten” Mynoo intuitively, knowing her personally for over 20 years. Mynoo has always resonated with me. Yet, while reading the BE Book, I astonishingly continued learning both about myself, my life, my evolving life journey and Mynoo’s life, her evolving life journey through her targeted and engaging, often magical sharings of her personal experiences, transitional life stories, epiphanies; openings for new approaches; life lessons that provide us with most useful insights, discoveries, understandings at the moment or years later . I am 100% proud of Mynoo, especially as I have a good idea of what it took her to travel her journey and to express herself through her authoring of the BE Book. It is essential for the reader to be aware that shifting our lives to living extraordinarily, including fulfilling our deepest desires and dreams can be expected to be challenging and can seem like ‘hard work’ – including our human struggles. The BE Book is an example of learning that it is human; perfect and “all is well”; and that the evolutionary process of walking our paths consistently and powerfully includes stepping into our Source; honoring of ‘you’; showing up in our full light; being present to the miracles all around each of us; and practicing BEing moment by moment.

Even knowing Mynoo, her power and empowering ways; what she is about and up to creating in the world, for individuals, Mynoo Maryel as an author has unexpectedly surprised me by the beauty, flow, and the difference she can make for each person opening up the BE book for him and herself. The structure is also well done, again marvelous. It all works effectively together.

Divine guidance for living in the here and now

It’s no mean feat to live a rich life that truly resonates with who you are. You’d think the genuine answers would be easy to find, but they’re not. (And boy, is there a lot of misinformed or ill-suited guidance out there.)

In my experience, a workable solution has to be based on fundamental wisdom that you can understand, relate to and apply to your own everyday situation. That’s what I love about Mynoo Maryel’s BE Book: it’s a practical and inspirational field guide to reclaiming your true life and identity, in a very real way.

Mynoo has done a brilliant job of sharing her transformational journey from a stressed-out high-flying executive to living with grace, ease and creative productivity. She then walks through a series of practices and tools that I know from experience deliver profound results. And finally, she backs this up with case studies to show her approach in action. I rarely endorse anything or anybody, but I believe Mynoo Maryel is an authentic breath of fresh air, providing genuine clarity for you to find and walk the life path that works best for you. Highly recommended.

The BE Book. Its life changing.

I loved the BE Book, the BE Tools, the practical exercises. These have helped me to create a clear guideline on how to incorporate the BEING experience in my daily life. It came at the perfect moment and the synchronicity of reading The BE Book in this moment just highlighted and confirmed to me the fact that I am on the right path and to follow it through in absolute trust of what life has to offer in its own timing. The BE Book is life changing. I recommend all to read this transformational book .

I am so glad I took this BE journey with Mynoo Maryel

Insightful, incredible, inspiring! Some books transform your life, make you believe in yourself… I am so glad I took this BE journey with Mynoo Maryel!

It’s not what to do, it’s how to BE!

Now, let me tell you one thing about me that is 100% certain. I am a massive sceptic. Getting me to commit to anything or believe in anything that isn’t an absolute fact is close to impossible. The first few chapters of the book were exciting. A simple read about a girl in India – someone I started to relate to. As the book progresses, you start to get more and more involved in her story. I’ve had many people tell me what to do and what not to do. This is the first book that tells me How To Be, and then it tells me how to implement the BE concept. I thoroughly enjoyed it and can read it over and over again. I strongly recommend this to everyone!

BE whatever you want to BE

I met Mynoo in London, she struck me as an amazing lady who knew there was more to life than the grind of commercial activity.
I stayed up last night to read the book
The transition Mynoo has made is amazing, I am just sorry I could not make it to reconnect in person a few weeks ago.

A rare book indeed – highly recommended.

I really enjoyed the fast pace of the book, the ease and grace with which Mynoo conveyed complex spiritual and metaphysical concepts through the telling of her own rather colourful life story and the detailed, practical exercises she suggests. The book will be useful for anyone looking for answers to life’s sometimes challenging lessons: just BE (and the book explains how and why). Highly recommended (and I don’t do so often).

The Magic and Miracles of BEing

This is a beautiful manual for Being. A book for everyone in the midst of change and transformation. An enchanting magical journey where Miracles become the norm. Mynoo offers from her vast experience, clear practices to incorporate into our daily lives.
If not now when? Is it time to allow life to live you in that sweet ease? I say Yes. The BE words are wonderful. Dreams come true. I am honored to know Mynoo. Mynoo is a living dynamic miracle, practicing all she offers. I keep this book by my bedside, its healing balm a gift that soothes me to sleep, that renews me upon awakening. The BE Book is an adventure, offering new and deepening insights each time I open it.

BE Love! Be Joy! Be Alive! Be a living Miracle!

An Inner Adventure Travel Guide

As someone who actually met the author years ago (we were introduced by a mutual friend at a business breakfast), I can bear real-world witness to the extraordinary transformation she has undergone, and chronicles so delightfully here in The BE Book.

The woman I encountered was indeed the classic Type A executive and entrepreneur, a near-perfect “success” story, almost ruthlessly focused on getting jobs done and winning at all costs — and likely missing, at least from my perspective, that she might be sacrificing her own heart in the process.

When I inquired (gently) into that, she paused. She spoke of feeling that she’d checked off all of life’s boxes, basically had it all wired, and yet — and it was a pretty big “yet” — there was still something vague and unfulfilled inside. She just couldn’t put her finger on it.

During our chat she shared that it felt like she was desperate for something, even grasping for it, but had no idea what it actually was, or where it might be. Since she’d been so successful by all the external markers, and had mastered pretty much any game she’d ever been interested in enough to attempt, she was baffled. But no matter, she wasn’t going to let it break her stride. By no means. So she shrugged it off and carried on.

I won’t spoil the stories of her breakthroughs, which are told so charmingly and engagingly here. What I will say is that through them, she discovers how to shift herself out of doing mode into being mode, and in the process finds her true (and truly wonderful!) self back.

And that’s when the magic starts breaking out, absolutely everywhere in her life.

It’s been profoundly uplifting for me to read how that powerhouse of a businesswoman I met has now blossomed into her spiritual gifts, which are powerful in another way entirely. As we follow her on her adventures, she becomes a living invitation to the miracles of which she speaks. And at the same time, since she’s so approachable, so human, we can easily see ourselves in her reflection. For me, that is the real gift in this book.

It’s also a great primer, full of useful tools and what she calls BE practices. (While these might seem like 101, they’re really not… especially when I actually do them!) I thoroughly enjoyed The BE Book and look forward to what’s to come from Mynoo Maryel, as her inspired and inspiring journey continues to unfold.

Highly recommended.

Live a life full of miracles!

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