Crystal clear goals – Tim Baker

Sharing this workshop experience with others, I felt a deep, thick energy in my crown chakra. It has encouraged me to meditate – it would help concentrate. Its made me open minded towards transformations. I am going to complete the alignment of my beliefs with my work, ensure my partner’s goals and my foals. Our goals will be crystal clear and in alignment.

-Tim Baker

Learn to simply my steps – Jay Moreno

I enjoyed Mynoo’s ability to bring the group together on a common ground. It’s an experience that will help you to understand yourself. I would highly recommend it. I will be more focused and able to simplify my actions by being more basic.

-Jay Moreno

It’s made me reflective – Sharon Hartwell

I love that the intimate setting allowed for and facilitated sharing experience. I would’ve loved more time and actual exercises to demonstrate the points I learnt. The workshop opens your thought process and perspective. It encourages you to become more reflective and to look inward for answers. I will be making meditation and journal writing a daily practice so as to put in practice the 7 secrets.

-Sharon Hartwell

I am taking responsibility for me – Shawna Hardin

The best part of this whole experience for me was actually taking responsibility for ME. The only thing that could make this even better is if Mynoo moved into my house. haha! This workshop is an opportunity to connect, or even re-connect with your unique divineness. Learning to understand and embrace your purpose and all aspects of your personality that are within you is why I would recommend this to others. This has encouraged me to meditate more and practice all aspects of yoga more. I will also be writing down what I am grateful for, take financial responsibility and listen more in order to keep the filters away.

-Shawna Hardin

Find your purpose in life! – Tracie Slotin

Mynoo is such an inspiration and possesses great insight. I would certainly recommend her workshops as they help give you insight into yourself and find your purpose in life.

– Tracie Slotin

Delighted! – Diana

When I received Gina’s email about her workshop on women in transition I was very drawn to it. I’d been wondering about how to take my work out into the world in a much bigger way and had been feeling quite stuck so I was delighted to come on this workshop because by the end of it I feel a much clearer sense of how to take my work out into a bigger audience and how to bring greater success to my life. So I am so grateful to Gina & Mynoo and I recommend it to everybody and there’s nobody that couldn’t really be helped especially if you have a successful business and you want to make it more successful, so thank you both.

Bali appeal?   It was wonderful to come to Bali, it certainly gave … talk about a real distance and perspective and it’s such a beautiful place and i think it really gave magic to the whole week and i am really looking forward to returning back to London with my vision and settle down to start creating taking my work out into a bigger space and really helping women to find their voice in the world.  


Absolutely wonderful! – Gosia

I am going to take some peace from Bali, it’s been absolutely wonderful spending the time in the resort, a gorgeous place, a very relaxing week  as well as that I am going to take some extra tools and motivations that I can use for my two projects I am working on as well as some very important tools to help me to work on my relationship.

Probably the very close relationship between all of the participants, it’s been absolutely amazing seeing how we all got on together, how we became close and able to share our personal issues and become very very close with the team members .. it’s been absolutely wonderful.


I have a really clear sense of myself! – Milly

I am taking away definitely what I came here for which was a sense of transformation and I think also a sense of my mission. I think I came here here with a desire to understand what I am meant to do next, what my transitions leading up to this workshop have been about and what’s coming next for me and I think I knew a lot of those things but I was full of doubts and full of reasons not to do it I suppose. This process has just gradually unpacked all the things I have had in the way of my mission. I didn’t think I knew my mission but of course I do and I feel really clear about what comes next in that way for me so the transformation is partly that; I feel like this process had drawn a line in the sand between what has been a really full-on year for me leading up to this and the life I am going back into … I just have so much energy for what is coming next and feel it in a really peaceful way; it doesn’t feel like I am running back to make a list, to get hectic about what comes next …. dadadaddddd….. which is probably historically how I have operated so that’s a transformation in itself. Just feeling my mission but not feeling hectic about it feeling present to it, completely trusting to it and supported in the ongoing unfoldment of it.

(So you are taking away a new way of working)  Oh, absolutely I think i have definitely been coming from my heart in my work and seeking to do that but again in this urgent kind of busy way where everything else came first and I was all of those things and I think my work now is seeing that the work is the work but it’s not me. I have a really clear sense of myself as separate from what I do which I knew as a concept but I never could really quite connect with it I think in applying it to myself so yes, I feel really clear that the work is not all there is and that’s part of this brand new life I am going back into … is just being.  

Bali a factor in the transformation? I really questioned that for a while, whether or not the relevance of being in Bali particularly as opposed to anywhere else in the world, there’s lots of beautiful locations but I do think the spiritual, loving reverence of this place is so palpable and such a part of our process that I think it really allowed us to come into our hearts much more and open much more …. even our drivers, the people who cared for us here, all of my experiences of Bali have been so gentle. It’s a really feminine energy and the men and the women express that and I think that it really allowed us to come into that space, it ushered us into that space, I know we wouldn’t have been there  … I’ve just had a beautiful holiday in the most incredible location in Western Australia and for all its gorgeousness, all its amazing things, it does not have that spiritual energy that is in every moment here.  Probably one of my key moments was with the Dukun, the Medicine Man, he actually didn’t have a special message for me, he said you seem fine, you seem happy but just at the last minute before I sat up he said to me “Just release doubt”.  He said it so softly, almost like he was throwing it over his shoulder but it was the key thing for me and it allowed me to be in so much more process around this … and that was really special, his energy and that compound, amazing, and … how do I narrow it down: the waterfall, the cleansing ritual under the full moon, bathing in that water, the drivers and the incredible beautiful generosity to us … so many beautiful experiences.

-Milly Dabrowski

I feel transformed! – Charmaine

I feel transformed! Mission accomplished. I had high expectations and I think they have been completely exceeded, really blown out.   I was looking for transformation, clarity I guess and knowing what’s next, where to best place my energy to move forward past everything that I have been through in the last bit of time. So I have been sitting in transition not knowing quite how to move forward and I feel clear, feel like I know what my purpose is and I feel free of the past stories. There’s been lots of shedding and letting go and observing old patterns and habits, yes, I feel clear and ready to move forward.

Highlight?  A combination of things, definitely the experiences, the more spiritual based practices of letting go and they were many and varied and I think as a group we embraced it, were really present to it, and really felt the experiences in the moments that they were occurring. So the package of the visits to the waterfall, and the healer, the cleansing water, all of those things put together I think were a really important part of the letting go. And the processes that we did as a group in terms of understanding our source intentions, how we show up in the world, what motivates and inspires us and just sitting in that, moving forward from there.


I have regained my confidence! – Kath

The wonderful thing is that I arrived absolutely exhausted from work in the UK and I have had the most beautiful week in Bali and with it I have regained my confidence, and that is the best thing because from there I can move on forward. (what really helped) was having the support of the group, I met 10 lovely, lovely ladies and each of them was helpful, supportive in the most amazing way, in ways that I never expected possible, in such a short period of time.  I think the most amazing part of the week was doing to see the Dukun (Medicine man). I’d seen it on the movie with Julia Roberts and I’d always aspired to something like that. And to be able to bring that dream into reality about 2 months after I saw the film is absolutely amazing.

He was very honest, very open, I think this Balinese medicine has a lot to teach conventional medicine! He explored, he poked a couple of places on my feet and it was just amazing how with his magical wand he managed to get rid of pain.

Highlight?  Well the visit to the Medicine man was absolutely excellent, a lovely old man with the most incredible knowledge … he just looked deep into your eyes, he checked out several points on our feet and then managed to bring wellness with his magic little stick, I don’t know how he did it, but he did it .    I really needed a retreat, I needed to get away from London and Bali seemed the perfect place. The fact that I was surrounded by women  was even better, and which have now become new friends, it was just a very supportive environment for myself.

Excursions? There were so many of them. I think the one going to the Balinese home. I really didn’t expect to be so welcomed into somebody’s home so quickly. We had the most amazing experience, they only spoke their local language and we only speak English but we managed to make the most superb meal together and share it in their house, they treated us brilliantly and it was a true honour for us to have been accepted like that.