I need to keep my strengths and stay humble. – Lizzy

I’m taking away my freedom … I’ve been incarcerated in this tomb of not being able to listen because of my background in bad education and now I can go home liberated. I can teach ! I can teach people like me with severe dyslexia and I can go back and be the person I really am, the professional woman  and teach professionally and you’ve given me that gift both of you. It’s stunning, thank you. I wasn’t sure what I set out to get, it was really Ann’s journey and I thought I was going to sit outside and nip in and out, I had no idea it was going to have such a big impact on me, with my whole life really and to be able to be really comfortable in the group and not have to lead the group, just sit back listen and be taught, properly, all of us teaching all of us, I loved that …. that’s what you have given to me

I think questioning something, (talking to Ellen) I felt chastised so I felt I needed to go back and question that and I hadn’t been chastised, she was just telling me to remind me what I was supposed to be doing and when I listened to that, you were all telling me, you were all advising me but I couldn’t hear it, so as soon as that had happened and the penny dropped, I could then listen …. so I could go on for another week now. I could now start the workshop with you.  

Working with this circle of women;  Really powerful isn’t it, it’s wonderful. To see people opening up with their powers and knowing women are capable of changing the world, I think is incredible. And if they, if we could all use our powers wisely everybody wins. Nobody misses out. The men don’t miss out, the children don’t, everything falls in to place. That’s what I have learnt from this. And everybody has something to offer; not two people had the same thing to offer, we all had something to offer. We were all showing our weaknesses but we were also showing our strengths, the powerful side of us. And that is in every woman. I like that.

The excursions? Oh, they just blew me away, absolutely blew me away. Standing in freezing cold water in the middle of the night with the moon shining… I mean people don’t do that. And when I was watching the Balinese people looking in wonder I realised it was all of us they were looking at .. it was just so powerful, and first of all I thought it was slightly gimmicky and then all of a sudden as I put my head under the water I realised it was for real and I could feel that and THAT was changing me, because I could tap back into my own source and I understand why they do these rituals now. And the same with the Elephant cave … to sit so quietly and have the taxi driver come and do a ritual with us and yet very few words were spoken, I thought that was just so humbling, it just put it back into perspective for me. And that’s a place I need to go, keep my strengths but stay humble.


Fantastic! Transformative! Supportive! – Miriam

It’s been fantastic, transformative, supportive, it’s helped me to come fully into who I am as a woman, my power, my gifts, and there has been so much love, support, so much richness, I couldn’t say another word, it has just been fabulous.  …….Really aligning as who I am as a woman and bringing my gifts out into the world and really living what’s inside on the outside. And I have got all of that.  

The people who came here have been magical, this group could not have been better for me every person has touched me and i have benefited from their wisdom, their knowledge. Magical. The people have been the highlight, being in Bali has really supported this group; the conversations in the car where a lot of the important work was done could not be contrived.

– Miriam

Wow! – Ann

I could say an awful lot but the one word that comes to me that really encapsulates everybody’s experience during the week is WOW!   If anybody wants to know what their life’s purpose is, what’s happening with their relationships or their business, and they would like to see Bali which is just a beautiful place then it’s just a must just do it. it was just fabulous. So WOW is it!


I am present NOW!

I have just finished the most amazing session completely retrieving all the fragments of my soul. WOW! is all i can say. I thought I was present before, but now I AM. Thank you so much Mynoo. I am so forever grateful! 

-Paul Smith

Thank you for your resolve and presence in Paris and Worldwide

“You are the voice – A call to action on Climate and ALL matters important.. Onwards. Thank you for your resolve and presence in Paris and Worldwide, to all who are a stand for choices that serve our home, our communities, our lives, our planet. We hold the space and light for the healthy, life affirming decisions to be made. Thank you Mynoo for sharing this Anthem and your message this morning.”

“A timely message below from my best friend Mynoo, who I first met in 1990s London through her son and life journeyed with her in Bali to NY, planning on getting her to Mexico for her first time. I have with excitement, admiration, respect and fascination been present to Mynoo as she went through a journey of personal and professional transformation from high flying corporate executive to spiritual leader channeling divine wisdom making miracles, grace and gratitude the norm, supporting human beings in living extraordinary lives and stepping firmly into fulfilling their life purpose. Check out her new FB page here, Mynoo Maryel.”

Sara Gross

Grateful for the upgrades to my being

“Wow! Thank you Mynoo for the support and the grace that you have held me in through this time. The presence that I feel strengthens my being, and deepens my inner fortitude. Sessions with Mynoo and the masters always blow me away. Incredible what comes through. The guidance of the masters is truly spot on, to where the insights and ahas are truly aligned to lifetimes of things that have been hidden and buried, and here and now affecting the reality big time. You never quite know what is going to come through, but it is always potent and pertinent. With powerful shifts that have been impossible in other ways and means. Sometimes it feels like a LONG dark night of the soul. I trust in the dawn coming, and am grateful to be a part of the planetary activation team.

Such acute clearings that I can’t wait to see and feel how this impacts my reality. I know it will. Sometimes it is the simplest little things that make the biggest deepest vastest changes to life, that we have been awaiting for. There were things that I have felt energetically there affecting my whole life that when it comes to these sessions the assistance and grace of Mynoo and the masters allow to be released and shed, with ease, joy and grace. So much gratitude amazing what the shinings and clearings and openings make such a physical impacts on life. Truly priceless., to the depth and core of the being.

The surgery allowed different parts of my body to be attended to by the masters and energy of spirit in soft subtle and powerful ways. Parts that may have been affected and damaged and ultimately lead to dis-ease I feel in the long run. I knew there were things going on but to the extent that they were shown and clearing by the masters and Mynoo was amazing. So grateful to be held in this time of huge life transformation.
I have felt a deep inner process happening the last few months, that I can not describe, things have been opened, shattered and I am being put back together in a more amazing way. I can not explain in words, and don’t even know myself. Just a deep feeling. Removing layers of fear, and lifetimes of imprints and energies that have been corded to me.

Encoding new light pathways to empowerment and mastery. I am being prepared for BIG work and service in the world I feel. And I know it ALL starts Inside. heart emoticon
There were parts operated psychically on that I could physically feel. And the information that came through from past lives and what was there I have felt limiting me unconsciously and energetically in my body and being for a long time.
When it comes to the physical temple, body and vibration there is no holding back. The intuitive guidance and access of what Mynoo does in her sessions is a true liberation. Maha Suksma.

I still feel the layers of work being done.

I released a lot of energy I had been holding for others, not to take this on any more. To align and work in a different way. To release all the energy I had been holding for women all over the world, end the pathways that had opened to my empathy and suffering, that was not even mine. Heal my voice and lungs from an incident that had really shaken me. Remove energies and trauma from my heart and womb, that I know would have resulted in illness, undetected and uncleared.

I have been hugely emotional lately and the pathways that Mynoo and the masters through her operated on were some of the biggest deepest life shifts and changes necessary to my being. Radical and so gentle in presence. The depth of insight is beyond me.

I am grateful as I often do work on others and in this space I am also blown away with what comes through and I often want the same kind of thing done for me, this is it, in a different way. Even as healers, facilitators and leaders we can not always work on ourselves to the same depths, and it is amazing to have people we can trust to work on us. To have some-one hold the space and mastery to allow the light to come through to the depths and powerful places that are shown is a true gift. To release the energies that have been holding me back. Miraculous. Its time to move forward in a whole new way. I am really looking forward to the shifts in my essence and being to ease, grace and joy from the hardship and challenges that have been in my world of late.
Deep bows and Thankyous to you and the team.

I still feel the masters working on me and the energy of the session aligning my vibration and frequency. My body and spine and energy are way more open and I am excited to feel what this brings.

As agents of change and lightworkers on this planet sometimes we also need a bit of tending to so we can shine and share our light brighter and more effectively, and do the mission and be what we are here to be in this world.

Grateful for the upgrades to my being. And for such necessary work.”

Kala Shekinath

I am back to my heart and happy place again

“Mynoo continually blows me away with the messages from guidance reflecting on the real work I am doing here on the planet. It is amazing to be seen so directly, transparently and to the deepest powerful places, in all the realms of consciousness that most people can not see.

I have stopped asking, how does she and the guidance know these specific things and just giving so much thanks to the degree of clarity. And the vibrations that come through.

Nice to have the messages and guidance from the team that is working with me to bring the new paradigm on Earth, and here for the soul’s ascension..

Love my guides and grateful for this session. I am back to my heart and happy place again. Amazing how different my body feels after an energetic session. The trauma that was trapped there has completely gone. Incredible.”

Kala Shekinath

Feeling aligned, calm, energized, happy, joyous, peaceful and refreshed

Feeling aligned, calm, energized, happy, joyous, peaceful and refreshed after 5 days of silence. So if I missed your birthday “Have a blissful year”, for the Likes I should have liked “you have them” and for everything else “LIVE IN THE MOMENT” Thanks to Mynoo for helping me understand “LIVE IN THE MOMENT” I totally get it.

The power of meditation WOW, today I sent a golden frisbee out to the universe with all my goals and visions -R.Y.A.M you know what I am talking about. I got an instant answer in the words of a song which played just as I finished. I am going to have a great night out. The Bali magic is so strong today hence I am appreciating a group of women who helped me on this amazing journey of re-discovery, rebirth and resolution.

Antonetta Fernandes

I feel a million per cent lighter

“So much gratitude for the session with Mynoo and the ascended masters. Quite a team. Absolutely timely and the exact medicine I needed. That was true guidance and written. It helped shift some powerful things that were in my field, way beyond me, moving throughout me and it seemed too big to be really integrate and shift on my own. Thanks to Mynoo, the masters and the this session I feel a million per cent lighter. A quantum shift. Glad to be part of this team, bringing awakening.”

“3 years later I am so grateful to be part a visualization that has manifested with like minded individuals – thank you Mynoo for the connection xxx My words express my purpose.”

I am to be the expert that I am

“Thank you again for our time yesterday. I felt energized and inspired. The outcome of our work together makes total sense and I am settling in to the extraordinary…Not so it is ordinary… but familiar and fun and part of every interaction. This is good. Such a blessing. So here we go, no more wallowing, I am to be the expert that I am. Thank you”

Andrea Dazzi