I am taking away definitely what I came here for which was a sense of transformation and I think also a sense of my mission. I think I came here here with a desire to understand what I am meant to do next, what my transitions leading up to this workshop have been about and what’s coming next for me and I think I knew a lot of those things but I was full of doubts and full of reasons not to do it I suppose. This process has just gradually unpacked all the things I have had in the way of my mission. I didn’t think I knew my mission but of course I do and I feel really clear about what comes next in that way for me so the transformation is partly that; I feel like this process had drawn a line in the sand between what has been a really full-on year for me leading up to this and the life I am going back into … I just have so much energy for what is coming next and feel it in a really peaceful way; it doesn’t feel like I am running back to make a list, to get hectic about what comes next …. dadadaddddd….. which is probably historically how I have operated so that’s a transformation in itself. Just feeling my mission but not feeling hectic about it feeling present to it, completely trusting to it and supported in the ongoing unfoldment of it.

(So you are taking away a new way of working)  Oh, absolutely I think i have definitely been coming from my heart in my work and seeking to do that but again in this urgent kind of busy way where everything else came first and I was all of those things and I think my work now is seeing that the work is the work but it’s not me. I have a really clear sense of myself as separate from what I do which I knew as a concept but I never could really quite connect with it I think in applying it to myself so yes, I feel really clear that the work is not all there is and that’s part of this brand new life I am going back into … is just being.  

Bali a factor in the transformation? I really questioned that for a while, whether or not the relevance of being in Bali particularly as opposed to anywhere else in the world, there’s lots of beautiful locations but I do think the spiritual, loving reverence of this place is so palpable and such a part of our process that I think it really allowed us to come into our hearts much more and open much more …. even our drivers, the people who cared for us here, all of my experiences of Bali have been so gentle. It’s a really feminine energy and the men and the women express that and I think that it really allowed us to come into that space, it ushered us into that space, I know we wouldn’t have been there  … I’ve just had a beautiful holiday in the most incredible location in Western Australia and for all its gorgeousness, all its amazing things, it does not have that spiritual energy that is in every moment here.  Probably one of my key moments was with the Dukun, the Medicine Man, he actually didn’t have a special message for me, he said you seem fine, you seem happy but just at the last minute before I sat up he said to me “Just release doubt”.  He said it so softly, almost like he was throwing it over his shoulder but it was the key thing for me and it allowed me to be in so much more process around this … and that was really special, his energy and that compound, amazing, and … how do I narrow it down: the waterfall, the cleansing ritual under the full moon, bathing in that water, the drivers and the incredible beautiful generosity to us … so many beautiful experiences.

-Milly Dabrowski

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