The wonderful thing is that I arrived absolutely exhausted from work in the UK and I have had the most beautiful week in Bali and with it I have regained my confidence, and that is the best thing because from there I can move on forward. (what really helped) was having the support of the group, I met 10 lovely, lovely ladies and each of them was helpful, supportive in the most amazing way, in ways that I never expected possible, in such a short period of time.  I think the most amazing part of the week was doing to see the Dukun (Medicine man). I’d seen it on the movie with Julia Roberts and I’d always aspired to something like that. And to be able to bring that dream into reality about 2 months after I saw the film is absolutely amazing.

He was very honest, very open, I think this Balinese medicine has a lot to teach conventional medicine! He explored, he poked a couple of places on my feet and it was just amazing how with his magical wand he managed to get rid of pain.

Highlight?  Well the visit to the Medicine man was absolutely excellent, a lovely old man with the most incredible knowledge … he just looked deep into your eyes, he checked out several points on our feet and then managed to bring wellness with his magic little stick, I don’t know how he did it, but he did it .    I really needed a retreat, I needed to get away from London and Bali seemed the perfect place. The fact that I was surrounded by women  was even better, and which have now become new friends, it was just a very supportive environment for myself.

Excursions? There were so many of them. I think the one going to the Balinese home. I really didn’t expect to be so welcomed into somebody’s home so quickly. We had the most amazing experience, they only spoke their local language and we only speak English but we managed to make the most superb meal together and share it in their house, they treated us brilliantly and it was a true honour for us to have been accepted like that.


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