“You are the voice – A call to action on Climate and ALL matters important.. Onwards. Thank you for your resolve and presence in Paris and Worldwide, to all who are a stand for choices that serve our home, our communities, our lives, our planet. We hold the space and light for the healthy, life affirming decisions to be made. Thank you Mynoo for sharing this Anthem and your message this morning.”

“A timely message below from my best friend Mynoo, who I first met in 1990s London through her son and life journeyed with her in Bali to NY, planning on getting her to Mexico for her first time. I have with excitement, admiration, respect and fascination been present to Mynoo as she went through a journey of personal and professional transformation from high flying corporate executive to spiritual leader channeling divine wisdom making miracles, grace and gratitude the norm, supporting human beings in living extraordinary lives and stepping firmly into fulfilling their life purpose. Check out her new FB page here, Mynoo Maryel.”

Sara Gross

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