The Poem

The Dream of The PoEM

The dream of The PoEM is that humanity awakens to discover that heaven on earth is here and is real, right now. All that is required is that we, as enlightened and empowered human beings, make it so.

The PoEM’s mission is to preserve dignity and enrich lives, by:

  • Catalyzing self-actualization for individuals
  • Illuminating the work of those who are already powerfully engaged in preserving dignity and enriching lives
  • Creating environments of freedom, choice, trust, abundant mindset, true collaboration and co-creation
  • Sourcing, supporting, resourcing and rewarding the innovations that make miracles.

The PoEM’s Initiatives:

Mynoo Maryel’s Wisdom

The Founder and Visionary of The PoEM, Mynoo Maryel, is a veritable font of inspiration and wisdom. Mynoo transcribes what she receives as “downloads” during her mediations, silences and retreats, and then writes, records and shares this wisdom far and wide, through various means and modes of expression. Her core messages: Embrace your true self. Life is an enchanting, wonder-filled adventure! Your real guru is your inner guidance; learn to hear its voice and follow its lead. Through her writing, speaking, private sessions, satsangs, trainings, retreats and online courses, she invites us to heal from within as we rise in love —truly, madly, deeply in love— with our essential selves.

PoEM Media

PoEM Media is the creation and distribution engine for The PoEM’s wisdom and full-spectrum wellness platform. Featuring Mynoo Maryel as well as select masters of wisdom, wellbeing and vitality from a wide range of disciplines, the PoEM Media platform is a carefully curated global resource, laser-focused on cultivating thriving, healthy and prosperous lifestyles worldwide. It includes content and media production for books and other publications; courseware, audio and video recordings, webinars and retreats; communities of practice; and protocols for personal transformation. PoEM Media is also developing an online marketplace for sustainable wellness and vitality-oriented content, lifestyle products, garments, and jewelry for an aware, discerning worldwide community.

PoEM Wellness

Wellness is both the state and quality of health and well-being in a human being, brought about through support and nourishment of all systems innate to life: the physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual. Vibrant health and aliveness comes about when we’re firing on all those jets, simultaneously. The cultivation of optimum wellness thus takes a holistic approach, incorporating appropriate modalities to revitalize and optimize our function not just physically, but in all aspects of our lives.

The PoEM’s Wellness initiatives focus on alleviating the stresses of modern-day life and restoring us to a wellness-oriented lifestyle, when we know we’ve gotten off-track.

Beginning with the foundational understanding that we are physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual beings, our goal is to deliver the best tools, technologies and methodologies in the world for not mere restoration to a baseline of health, but for absolutely superb wellbeing in every aspect of life.

At the core of the PoEM Wellness programs are Journeys and Protocols. Our primary focus is always on stress reduction, rejuvenation, anti-aging, enlivenment and personal transformation. Via PoEM Vitality Solutions and RICH, two of our health initiatives with partners, more chronic physical conditions are also addressed. Wherever The PoEM is, we provide our clients with the opportunity to dramatically and permanently improve their vibrancy, state of wellbeing and quality of life.

New Paradigm Fund

The PoEM New Paradigm Fund offers a twist on the fourth sector social enterprise “triple bottom line” — for us, it means people, planet and prosperity. When we reframe the question from “How do we profit?” to “How do we prosper?”, we have a new metric. We include ourselves and everyone/everything we affect, and we transcend mere ROI as a benchmark. Responsible economic systems do not continuously deplete resources, whether planetary or human. Let us apply our present wealth to regeneration and innovation, doing well by doing good, and have real impact, building real wealth where it really matters.

PoEM Estates

Setting fresh standards in hospitality and wellness, green design and construction, elegance and innovation, with PoEM Estates it is our intention to encourage vibrant, thriving ecotourism regions around the world, and to model that not only can luxury, sustainability and wellbeing coexist, they are naturally complementary.

Combining ecotourism with optimum health, green living and personal transformation, the PoEM estates are designed to transform environmental, physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual well-being.

Locations under current consideration for our flagship project are Bali, Indonesia; Florianòpolis, Brazil and Vermont, USA.

PoEM Innovation

PoEM Innovation is our “skunkworks” — a playground and lab where we’re reinventing the think tank for the 21st century and beyond. On the principle that one candle loses nothing by lighting another (not to mention that multiple candles with their flames together create a brilliant torch), our job is to find the miracle makers, wherever in the world they may be. We then bring them together meaningfully, to connect with their colleagues, to assess what’s missing and essential to support their work, and to provide and/or expand those resources for them, in partnership. We host summits, develop curricula and are developing an awards program, which will work synergistically with PoEM Media to illuminate the miracles we find and the brilliant people behind them.

Ultimately, inhabiting a world that blesses everyone is our goal, and one that we share with many partners around the globe. Turning the present planetary situation around will take collaboration and cooperation, as well as imagination and innovation.

When we move beyond ideas of sustainability and success to regeneration and absolute thriving, we are talking about new models, new worldviews, new ways of being. It’s a contextual shift. How does humanity become truly healthy, happy and free? How do we access and activate our real potential, our innate genius? How do we live the life of contribution and love that each of us was always meant to live, celebrating our uniqueness while in harmony with one another and the planet? We are dedicated to living the solutions to these questions, and to considering them through multi-faceted lenses.

The PoEM’s Key Areas of Focus:

  • Agroforestry
  • Air, ocean, river, chemical and landmine cleanup
  • Education
  • Energy
  • Entertainment
  • Geostewardship
  • Intelligent waste removal & repurposing
  • Optimum human health
  • Social enterprise
  • Socioeconomic systems
  • Stress and trauma release
  • Topsoil quality
  • Water

Nothing leaves The PoEM except enlivened, enlightened human beings, and pure, fresh, free-flowing water.

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