series of lights in a fieldThis Christmas Day message is an invitation into the realm of the heart. It is a clarifying understanding of the difference between the heart and the mind:

“The heart operates in the moment, moment by moment, keeping the rhythm of its beats going consistently to sustain life. It just HAS to be in the moment and keep its pace to keep us alive. The realm of the heart is the realm of reality, it is the realm of NOW. The heart is true to its nature and is in integrity with its truth. It is congruent with the service it has signed up to provide us to maintain our physical being. When its stops performing, we stop too. There are no two ways about it. It is just so.

The mind on the other hand, is a perception of reality. It operates from the illusion of what might have occurred in the past or what could possibly occur in the future; Neither of which are real. The past has already been and gone and the future is not here yet. In the NOW, both the past and the present are a perception. The realm of the mind is the realm of perceived reality which does not exist.

When you rely on your mind for answers, guidance and solutions, they are based on a perception of reality and are not in service of your highest good. The heart on the other hand is factual and gives you a direct response that you can act upon in the moment and brings you closer and closer into your truth.

Practice in your meditations or moments of stillness to connect to your heart; feel, hear and act upon the guidance it gives you. Listen to your heart, live in the realm of the moment where all is real, magic and miracles abound. When you are in this realm of the heart you are grounded in what’s real. The mind can provide endless entertainment with its imaginary realities.

The communication of the mind is not meant for action, just entertainment. It’s the communication from the heart that is to be acted upon. So allow it to communicate with you, receive, accept and act as directed, allowing the illusionist contortions of your mind entertain you along the way. ENJOY.”

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