Live with love!

Kala Shekinath

“Deeply profound, powerful and life changing, intense fun and divinely beautiful. I am going to live with love, abundance, focus. Not live in my default.” -Kala Shekinah

Gained clarity – Antonetta Fernandes

Antonetta Fernandes

New beginning, transformational, completeness and infinity of harmonisation. I am looking forward to applying the magic I have embraced. I have gained clarity (earth shifting). The wholeness of the program, integration of community, Bali and the Universe. I experienced everything I brought in to my life. Making it work is the key to this experience. […]

Allowed me to BE here- Selina Mills

I am now going to live from a completely different place, relate to myself and others from a different set of values. Thanks to Mynoo, I have learnt how critical connection really is to me. The heart connection release with Mynoo was a colossal shift. I felt the guidance was incredible and has put singing […]

From your heart – Berys

Mynoo is committed to her work. More than anything else, I love the feeling that you are doing this from your heart and not just to make money. -Berys

Peace and alignment – Kim Love

Go in with an open mind and you will come out with so much peace and alignment. I have learnt to let go of some control and live with love and peace. Thank you! -Kim Love

Benefits of Self Awareness – Jamie Galloway

It was exciting to watch everyone reap the benefits of self awareness. If you would like to tap into yourself, what it is about yourself that could bring abundance in all forms to your life, take this workshop. This has provided me with a more in depth learning about myself. -Jamie Galloway

I am letting go! – Shawna Hardin

I am letting go. I am letting go of all that does not serve a positive purpose. I am letting go with grace and gratitude. Come explore yourself. Get to know you and learn about aspects in your life that are causing an undesired experience. Learn about your relationship without those aspects. I am going […]

Wishing for abundance – Jenny Callentine

The meditation at the end of the session provided me with so much value and clarity. The experience cleansed my mindset. This really offers an opportunity to uncover how you relate with money and how to work through it. It has helped me become more trusting with my money by wishing for abundance. -Jenny Callentine

Serenity! – Regina Garcia

Mynoo’s workshops have provided me with serenity. It creates simplistic reasoning and helps you make it all less complicated. Starting now, I have conscious awareness to stop over thinking my mind set. -Regina Garcia

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