Energy Feeding Virus Clearing Series




The energy feeding virus feeds on the life force to create a pattern of energy feeders. It disguises itself in the form of various creatures, bacteria and parasites. This series removes the virus.

The energy feeding virus, also known as the sexual energy virus, feeds on sexual energy, the life force that gives rise to life itself. It creates a pattern of energy feeders, dominators and doormats, people who feed on the energies of others, and those who allow themselves to become victims and draw, in turn, on the energy of people who support them in their state of victimhood. Ageism, sexism, racism and all forms of discrimination are a direct result of this virus. It detaches people from their innate vibration of being human, which is the vibration of love. Its spread is uncontrolled and is rampant. It disguises itself in the form of various creatures, bacteria, parasites, fungi and behavioral triggers. The virus has proven to be almost indestructible. This clearing series is a divinely guided service that prepares your terrain, facilitates the release of the virus in a way that it can choose to depart and makes its release sustainable and permanent.

Live a life full of miracles!

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