Flow in Romantic Relationships


Session 1: Foundation

In this session Mynoo introduces the Ascended Masters who work with her in this series to uncover the foundational barriers, obstacles and blocks to fulfilling romantic relationships. Once the clearing is complete, the Masters guide her to put in place certain activations that enable you to remain clear.

Session 2: Magnetizing Romantic Relationship And Romance

This session removes anything that comes in the way of magnetizing the romantic relationship you are seeking, and helps to bring greater romance into your existing relationship. The aim is to move from a space of neediness to becoming a magnet that draws the perfect romantic opportunities aligned to your vibrations.

Session 3: Feeling Unleashed In A Romantic Relationship

An unconscious fear of losing yourself and your independence in a romantic relationship can  sabotage new beginnings. This session uncovers the triggers and the blocks, clearing them so that you feel unleashed. The triggers dissolve, leaving you ready to take off and fly again.

Session 4: Recovering From Breakup And Disappointments

This session focuses on harmony and completeness in previous breakups and romantic disappointments. It releases and clears fear, guilt and shame, and takes you into a state of empowering resolve. You will know and accept the highest version of who you are and what you bring to a romantic relationship. The session uplifts your romance vibrations to a level so high that anything that brings you down is released from your field.