R U reeling under stress, anxiety, anguish?

R U reeling under stress, anxiety, anguish?

Anxiety to Awesomeness workshop is the one for YOU!

The Anxiety to Awesomness workshop will help YOU release your personal blocks and connect YOU to your unique power.

Whilst doing so, you embark on a journey from anxiety to awesomeness to awesomeness in every area of your life, and that includes health, work, and relationships!

The Workshop will put YOU through role modelling and practical applications and YOU will get equipped to transform your loneliness, stress and anxiety into gratitude and awesomeness, in any situation.

You will get to anchor this transformation at a cellular level, in person, such that you will learn to tap into it at any time.

You will enjoy greater meaning, efficiency, and effectiveness and enjoy great success, whilst also elevating the quality of life of our planet.

YOU will Recharge, Reconnect and Rejuvenate YOURSELF and Learn to Heal Thyself from Anxiety and experience the flow to Awesomeness, for all times!

Participants share the delight they experienced attending the Anxiety to Awesomeness Workshop | Delhi India

Join to Experience & Undersatand Ways to‘flow’ from Anxiety to Awesomness

To register, please fill in the Form. We will get in touch with you personally and share further details.

All proceeds go into furthering the PoEM Foundation’s work on #Dignifylfie #WorldDignity.

The payment link will be sent to your email address after registration is complete.

The email id to connect is: contact@mynoomaryel.com