Mynoo Maryel

Romance RRR Refresh Restore Resurrect

3 Day Residential Immersion by the river Ganga @Rishikesh India

The Romance Refresh Restore Resurrect Immersion, will empower and enable you to choose the Romance Lifestyle for yourself and BE…Truly, Madly, and Deeply in love with yourself!

A unique harmony infuses your physical, emotional, mental, social, and spiritual wellness.
You will feel Unleashed, Unstoppable and Unbridled Joy and Ready to Live with YOUR full potential.

YOU will anchor YOUR own TRANSFORMATION from being COMMITTED to YOUR INTENTIONS, to becoming RESOLVED about them!

An initiative of the POEM Foundation, the 3 Day Immersion, will put YOU through deep self-questioning, and practical applications, by the Master, herself Mynoo Maryel, that enables YOU, to experience ROMANCE as a LIFESTYLE and witness MIRACLES becoming the norm for YOU!

The Immersion will flow you into living an extraordinary life, with joy, ease, and grace, where all aspects of life coexist harmoniously, wherein expecting and accepting miracles will become your norm. You will experience them in all facets and aspects of your life.

Passionate and Magical experiences of the ROMANCE RRR Immersion April 2023 participants

Join to Transform and Live ROMANCE LIFESTYLE!

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All proceeds go into furthering the PoEM Foundation’s work on #Dignifylfie #WorldDignity.

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