The Journey Into Miracles

The Journey into Miracles is a powerful, experiential journey, offered to a group of ten by special invitation or application only. It begins with a series of one-on-one sessions with Mynoo Maryel, culminating in a residential retreat and supported by integrations.

About The Journey Into Miracles

The Journey Into Miracles is specifically designed to enable you to offer your unique gifts to the world, to walk your own path, to be prosperous, to enjoy gorgeous, desirable relationships and to live the extraordinary life you’ve always known was yours — a life filled with ease, grace and joy.

The Journey releases dysfunctional patterns in your personal and business life and transforms your health, wealth, vitality, romance and relationships. It connects you with the essence of who you truly are, enabling you to embrace a life of authenticity and abundance and to experience breakthroughs in all your relationships. (Yes, all of them.)
This program is for you if…

  • You have experienced success in one or several areas of your life
  • You are keen to integrate greater meaning into your life
  • You know you would benefit from bringing your physical, emotional, mental, social and spiritual wellness into harmony
  • You would like to live an extraordinary life with ease and grace where all aspects of your life coexist harmoniously
  • You feel that there’s something missing in order for you to feel completely fulfilled
  • You are experiencing a challenging circumstance, either long-term or sudden, that is taking a toll on you
  • You are seeking greater clarity and certainty in one or more aspects of your life
  • You are looking to repair a broken relationship
  • You are seeking a significant breakthrough in one or more areas of your life
  • You are interested in integrating spirituality more fully into your personal and business life
  • You feel that you get only so far, and then hit an invisible ceiling or plateau
  • You believe you should be further ahead than you are in one or more aspects of your life
  • You are entering a new phase or direction in your life

Why does Mynoo Maryel offer the Journey Into Miracles?

Following a significant health challenge, Mynoo began her own journey of reinvention in earnest. Through a series of progressive spiritual awakenings, she connected with the mission of her soul. Her experiences began in the tranquility of Bali, accelerated before the majesty of Mount Shasta, deepened among the ancient rocks, sweeping landscapes and oceans of Australia, reconnected with the material world in Manhattan and Aspen, and integrated within her on the banks of the river Ganga in Haridwar.

It was in Bali, a place completely new to her, that she emerged awakened, illuminated by her true essence for the first time. She began living and sharing her source — her unique mastery — with the world. Prior to her emergence, Mynoo had been a driven corporate executive, a creative serial entrepreneur, a movie producer and a high-performance mentor to fast-growth corporations. Then she received her wake-up call… the one that led her into the most thrilling adventure of her life.

She is now actively engaged in realizing the calling of her soul through her foundation, The PoEM (The Palace of Extraordinary Miracles), and through the initiatives that take its work into the world. From small beginnings, Mynoo’s messages now reach more than 10,000 people around the globe.

Her journey continues as she receives the gifts of guidance, which arrive in the form of enhanced capabilities, capacities, insights and wisdom. She allows that guidance and cosmic wisdom to flow to her and through her, so that it may reach as many people as possible.

For the past five years, by invitation only, Mynoo has been leading her signature, personally-facilitated program, an exclusive journey of just ten people who are ready to emerge into their true essence. Thus far, over 100 people from around the world have participated in The Journey Into Miracles — with miraculous results.

Given the growth of The PoEM, Mynoo has agreed to lead The Journey into Miracles just once in 2016, for a maximum of ten participants.

People who have participated in her Journeys have reported that they have:

  • Found the love of their life (within a few weeks of completing the journey)
  • Become pain-free from long term conditions that required medication to manage (during the journey)
  • Transformed a vitriolic divorce proceeding into a peaceful, amicable experience
  • Turned around a series of vengeful child custody battles into a loving and respectful co-parenting arrangement
  • Found the calling of their soul and started implementing it (within a few weeks of completing the journey)
  • Achieved an expansive breakthrough in the financial and operational performance of their businesses
  • Connected with the calling of their soul and witnessed all of their resources align with it immediately
  • Had breakthrough reunions and reconciliations with parents and children
  • Started living an extraordinary life with ease joy and grace, with all aspects of their life coexisting harmoniously
  • Permanently released addictive habits and behaviors
  • Healed a friendship, broken for years by misunderstanding
  • Recovered from deep-seated depression
  • Reversed the impact of prolonged stress and anxiety
  • Rediscovered true love and romance in their relationship
  • Restored health and achieved vibrant vitality, following years of debilitating chronic conditions
  • Lovingly reunited with estranged siblings
  • Re-invited joy and happiness into their life

What’s the program, and where does it take place?

The Journey into Miracles is comprised of four parts:

  1. Private Sessions: Autopilot Default, Source, Mastery and Purpose
  2. Clearing the Way Sessions
  3. Residential Retreat
  4. Integrations

PART 1: Four personalized, one-to-one private sessions with Mynoo online

  • Identifying and releasing your Autopilot Default pattern
  • Revealing and releasing the ceilings and dysfunctional controls unique to your personal relationship with money
  • Revealing and connecting with Source within you
  • Unveiling and emerging into your personal mastery in this lifetime
  • Distilling your purpose and the intention of your soul
  • Integrating Living from
  • Source within your day to day life

PART 2: A series of Clearing the Way energetic “surgery” sessions with Mynoo and Masters from this plane and beyond, tailored just for you. During each one-hour session, you and Mynoo will:

  • Identify what the obstacles are in your field, understand how these blocks are affecting you and overcome them
  • Uncover and release any shackles, energetic hooks, parasites or uninvited “guests” that may be compromising your innate vitality and clarity
  • Unveil self-sabotaging programs that have been diminishing your chances of creating and/or sustaining success
  • Release all forms of lower energetic vibration, whatever is preventing you from achieving a state of optimum vitality
  • Return to a state of harmony in your physical, emotional, mental, social and spiritual being
  • Free yourself to allow the healthy flow of abundance — love, romance, health, purpose and prosperity — back into your life

At your first session, you will be made aware of what further sessions are required for you to be prepared for Part 3, the residential Journey Into Miracles. Mynoo will be given, and will share with you how many sessions will be delivered for you and at what frequency. With the exception of the first and the last sessions, you’re not required to be personally present for them. Recordings of what took place during the sessions will be emailed to you.

PART 3: The Residential Nine-Day Journey Into Miracles in an exquisite place (date and venue to be announced)

Each day of this residential experience is a deep study and practical application of all that enables you to live your life expecting and accepting miracles, and witnessing them becoming the norm for you. The Residential Journey is an experience that transforms you at a cellular level, in every aspect of your being:

  • Blocks and obstacles transmute into new resources that propel you forward.
  • Dysfunctional and unhealthy habitual patterns transform into health and freedom. Whatever does not serve, or is not in your highest good, is released.
  • Incompletions in relationships, businesses and other aspects of your life become whole and complete.
  • You are connected with your intuition, guidance and inner knowing, in ways that you can understand and apply in your life.
  • You are empowered to take aligned, guided action.
  • You experience and develop mastery in the enriching practice of living in the moment.
  • You emerge, truly, madly, deeply in love with yourself.
Daily schedule:

Each day is broken up into five parts:

  • Sunrise: a morning practice of breathing, stretching, prayer and meditation
  • Morning: Workshop, education in new practices, wisdom and insights
  • Afternoon: Applying the wisdom, putting it into practice and assimilating the revelations
  • Sunset: Exchanging our experiences from the day
  • Nightcap: Q & A
  • Organic, healthy and delicious – no beef or pork will be served
  • Morning begins withwater, healing elixirs and tonics followed by soaked almonds and superfoods
  • Breakfast is fully organic and made to order
  • Mid-morning snack is a superfood smoothie and vegetable crudités with exotic dips
  • Lunch is made to order from our delicious menu
  • Mid-afternoon snack is fresh fruit or summer rolls
  • Dinner is made to order
  • Nightcap: a delicious broth and cinnamon tea
For the mind, body and soul:

In addition to deeply nourishing food for your palate you will enjoy:

  • 5 body treatments during your stay
  • 2 energy modality sessions
  • 1 overall health diagnostic (optional)
  • Personal spiritual consultations with your guides and other masters from the beyond
  • Two excursions to further enchant and enlighten your awakening
  • One ceremony to complete the past, as well as to invoke and activate your chosen intentions

The Residential Program will cover:

  • Neutralizing and enlivening the nine Underlying Basic Emotions that underpin every emotional reaction
  • Truly, madly, deeply rising in love with yourself
  • Living your passion NOW; walking your path no matter what occurs
  • Healing your Achilles’ heel, enabling you to avoid train wreck situations
  • How to live the highest-vibration lifestyle possible in your day-to-day life
  • Evolving from living from Source to living in Source
  • Aligning all your resources and opportunities to realize the calling of your soul
  • Achieving all of this sustainably, with ease, joy and grace

PART 4: Mastering Your Mastery

This is the period of integration and sustainable evolution and application of the miracles achieved during the residential program. It’s where the work is anchored, and blossoms in your life. A facilitated group call is held once a month for the six months following the residential experience.


  • To be announced


  • You will stay in comfortable, luxurious accommodations, a spectacular home away from home.
  • You will enjoy natural surroundings with views that nourish your soul.
  • We will eat together as a group and you will have opportunities to have quiet times to yourself to enjoy the grounds and the pool.


  • You will fly at your own cost to the destination.
  • We will collect you from the airport and bring you to your accommodations. We will also return you to the airport at the end of the Journey.
  • All travel during your Journey that forms a part of the planned excursions is included.
  • Should you wish to extend your trip, we’ll be happy to assist with recommendations.

Our Commitment:

As a result of your Journey Into Miracles our commitment to you, should you choose to put into practice all that you have learned and experienced, is the following:

  • Expecting and accepting miracles will become your norm. You will experience them in all facets and aspects of your life.
  • A unique harmony will infuse your physical emotional, mental, social and spiritual wellness.
  • You will enjoy gorgeous and desirable relationships.
  • You will live an extraordinary life with ease, grace and joy where all aspects of your life can coexist.
  • You will enjoy greater meaning, efficiency and effectiveness wherever you choose to engage.
  • You will enjoy great success whilst also making a difference to the quality of life of our planet.
  • You will live your life’s purpose, enriching your loved ones and inspiring all who connect with you and your work, directly or indirectly.

To be announced.