Don’t Choose Stress

girl sitting on a bench stressing out

Understanding of stress, hot off the press: Stress is a chosen reaction. It is how we choose to react to any situation, person or place. It is a self-motivated and self-created and self-generated response. You have the freedom to choose your response in any event. You can choose to respond coming from fear and that […]

Does it Help?

mountains in the fog in hawaii

Does it help? – A master question. Does it help to worry? Does it help to get angry? Does it help to get anxious? Does it help to hate? Does it help to hurt? Does it help to take revenge? DOES IT HELP …? If your answer is YES then do it, without hesitation, without […]

7 Pillars of Living an Anxiety-Free Life

odd looking vortex shape

Wyoming has been entering my world a lot recently and today I know why: It’s the presence of the Great Teton in my meditation. Here is the message from a place where many of my Ascended Masters, friends and colleagues reside, another powerful energy vortex on our beautiful blue green globe: “The 7 pillars of […]