Gratitude is the Key

Rusted lock sitting on a blue-green door

Gratitude in the moment. We are introducing a fresh angle to the practice of gratitude. It is a practice of presence, being present in the moment. When you bring your awareness to the moment, your willful mind relaxes and steps out of the way, allowing you to connect to the perfection and beauty that is […]


man wearing a orange sweater, praying

Whatever you give energy to, you get more of. You give energy to the joy in a situation and you get more of that. You focus your attention on the gravity of the upset, the distress, the discomfort or the anger in a situation and you get more situations that multiply these emotions. In any […]

Gratitude Commandments

nevada, Fire Valley Rock formation

This message of grace and gratitude that I was given emerged as the ten commandments of Gratitude on the Fire Arch rock formation from Utah. I was showered with gratitude as I awoken to the world, giving thanks for all that is, has occurred and will be. The best moment to indulge in graceful gracious […]